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2012 and the Mayan Calendar

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 1:33pm

One of the most significant years in numerology is the year 2012 A.D., Year of the Black Water Dragon (the symbol of the dragon represents spiraling DNA, the path into greater enlightenment; it is the ultimate representation of the forces of Mother Nature, the greatest divine force on Earth). This is the date that the Mayans predicted that the world would end. The Mayans, along with the Sumerians, Tibetans, and Egyptians believe that this is the coming of a new world. Large monuments were left to forewarn society and prepare them for the transition.

Even people who do not know a lot about Mayan astrology have heard this theory that the year 2012 will bring the apocalypse. It is supposed to end on December 21st at 11:11 am, aligned with the Winter Solstice. This is a date that has always significant to theorists, physicists, astrologers, historians and numerologists as the year signifies the end of the thirteen cycles that make up what is known as the Mayan Long Count Calendar.

The Mayan Calendar contains both components of astrology and numerology. The people that belonged to this ancient civilization of Central America were adept pampers and trackers of the heavens. The massive temples that were built by this early civilization were not just tombs or places to worship the Gods. They were also built to be giant observatories of the heavens.

These temples were architecturally designed so that the movements of the planets, the sun, the moon and the stars could be tracked.

The majestic structures that the ancient Mayans built were not just places of worship. They were centers of astronomic studies that also did dual duty as temples of worship. Some temples even had cut-outs in their stones in the shapes of snakes. As the sun would raise, these cut out shapes would cast lengthening shadows in the shape of snakes down the temple steps. From a distance it would seem that a real snake was slithering down the steps. When the snake shadow lengthened so that it reached the bottom of the steps it marked a day. One whole day in the Mayan calendar was called a Kin.

Many ancient civilizations in Africa and the Far East developed calendars based on a 20 unit mathematical system and coincidentally so did the Mayan civilization.

In essence the Long Count system nested cycles of days based on the number 20. Every unit of time in the calendar was based somehow out of that unit of 20.

Twenty days was called a Uinal. 7200 days was called a Katun and 144,000 days was called a Baktun. The Mayan year consisted of 360 days and was called a Tun. This calendar was a little shorter than ours in terms of year length because it was only 360 days. Those 360 days were in turn divided into units of twenty days.

The reason that ancient Mayan year was a little bit shorter than our current calendar of 365 years is that it was based on the astral cycles of Venus. The ancient Mayans knew that whenever this shining celestial body was close to the earth that it seemed to bring good times. Of course today we would note this knowing that the planet Venus is associated in astrology with love and blessings. The planet Venus also has cycles that are the equivalent in length to the number twenty.

This Long Count system of measuring time was first put into practice by the Mayans around 32 B.C. The reason that it was called The Long Count is because the Mayans, who were quite dark spiritually, believed that the end of the world must happen. In fact it was something to look forward to, because life was believed to be easier after that.

In essence the Mayan Long Count is the countdown to the eventual and unavoidable apocalypse that would bring the end of the world. The high priests and shamans in the Mayan culture figured out that the Long Count which is supposed to equal 5125.36 days.

This number of days is also known as the Mayan Great Cycle. This passage of time ends exactly on the winter solstice. Amazingly the Mayan mathematicians were able to pinpoint the exact day and time that the world will end in the future and that is on December 21st 2012. Just as a matter of interest they also believed that the world was conceived on August 13th.

There is actual astrological and astronomical data to back up the theory of the Mayan Long Count, and there are things happening in the sky that day that could potentially bring the end of the world!

Astrologically this date is important as this marks the date when the Sun is going to cross what is astronomically known as the Milky Way Equator. The Mayans were absolutely incredible mathematicians and they could predict centuries into the future when it came to predicting the trajectory of the Sun.

Further here is a lot of imagery representing the Milky Way in works of art done by the Mayans. The sea of stars of the Milky Way is essential to the Mayan myth of the Sacred Tree.

In many of these drawings the sun is symbolized as a canoe that carries Mayan deities across the sky. In many drawings on temple walls there is a progressive series of images that shows the end of the world as symbolized by the canoe sinking into the Milky Way. Astrologically the crossing of the sun over the Milky Way equator scheduled to happen at exactly 11:11 a.m GMT on December 21st in the year 2012.

This type of astrological event is unheard of as the sun will technically be in what is known as the "dark rift" of the Milky Way and oddly will also be in conjunction with the exact center of the universe. The Mayas believe the Dark Rift is the cosmic womb: the place of dead, transformation, regeneration and rebirth. (Think of our Sun, which travels 600,000 mph through space like a salmon entering the mouth of a river to swim upstream to spawn, as that one chosen sperm who has made the arduous trip up to the fallopian tube to reach the released Egg from the follicle in the ovary...)

Many visionaries and metaphysicians have noted how important this date is to the end of the world. One famous analysis called "The Mayan Prophecies" (authored by Adrian Gilbert & Maurice Cotterill) have put forth the theory that the sun will reverse its magnetic field that day. This would be a development that would result in weather changes and seismic shifts that could cause the end of the world. (Is it really the end? If we take the sun sperm and fuse it with the cosmic egg, both dissolve and transform into an embryo--one of Nature's miracles.)

Of course the end of the world has been predicted many times in history and it is more likely that the Long Count will signify the end of one era and a new beginning of consciousness. However it is quite odd that the number 11:11 -- which is apocalyptic in other religions and cultures -- is the same in this system. What does 11:11 really mean? It's a wake-up call--a call to pay attention to what may be happening beneath the surface of reality--on what we might call a "spiritual" level. A wake up to what we really are. We are not some accident of animal evolution, but a spiritual being that needs to pay attention to its own spiritual evolution. It's a call to start thinking more deeply about life, and to become more aware of ourselves as spiritual beings. It is designed to lead us to question the nature of "reality," and grow conscious of the higher goals we set for ourselves before we incarnated. This waking up may be a subtle change, but more often, it's a major paradigm "shift" in one's whole thinking and life direction. Shift happens! It's an opportunity to walk into the gateway of manifestation--the bridge to ascension, our doorway Home. We must cross the bridge from duality to the other shore into the unknown for Oneness, moving from the shadows to the light.

Humanity is in a mess, and not heading in the right direction. Folks are needed to change that, and it happens one person at a time. Starting with you, that's me talking to my self as you should do same to your self. Take responsibility for who you are, and most of all, who you are turning into. It's time to stir the water. As physical beings it's important that we speak up against injustices and use our voices to stop the proliferation of evil (the only evil is the obstruction of evolution) and help heal planet Earth as we believe we are here to restore her back to full health and pave the way for a brighter future for ourselves and our children. We must have greater respect for the land, every living thing and for the cycle of life.

We have free will. We can do as we choose. But the universe works best when we all do what we should do instead of what we were told to do. The specific path we choose to follow in light will be up to us. We have to all change our attitudes to many things--see what is real and what is illusory. We need to learn more spiritual Truth, and we must live in love. Awakening is an inward personal journey stripping away fears and emotional baggage that no longer serve us, so we can become more of who we truly are. In this state of clarity, we are able view the illusion of consensus reality that has been projected onto us by those seeking to crush man's spirit and then take personal responsibility and action through peaceful spiritual activism. We shouldn't wait to be saved or upgraded as Action should be in the NOW not tomorrow.

It is an art to see things differently and interconnect them with each other to create a global community of equality. That is also called synchronicity in a way. Man’s ultimate purpose on earth is to discover the invisible realm of which he is a part. A direct channel opens up between him and the Invisible. Then man can lead the way into a new way of green living, into greater love, into a universal hu-man being of the 4th green heart chakra. Earth is 3rd rock from the sun. So including the sun, the Earth is the Heart!

The only method to prepare for this is to focus on our spiritual development so that if we are forced to leave our bodies we are well prepared, without fear or regret. The only thing that stays with us forever is not our money, material wealth and material possessions, but our inner wealth. We should not be wasting our energy on pursuing material wealth but for enriching ourselves by finding inner peace, happiness and evolving in a spiritual sense.

The time of completion is near. We are the embryo of life yo! Oye, open your eyes and see the Beauty of it all--Oneness. Even the cynics will come around when the glorious dawn breaks the duality doubt of shadow.


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